From the interviews on this website we have got information about what music equipment composers used back in the 80s. This tutorial will give some help for those that are interested to get the sound of the 80s without the need to buy all that hardware stuff.
Vocoders. Don't we all love them? Atleast when used in a good way. I've been asked several times by different artists how to make vocoders. Usually I've been told that it's hard or they cannot sing well, they don't like their own voice or some other excuse which prevents making vocoders. Another common question is which vocoder to use to get good results. I hope that we now can break some of those myths and recommend few software vocoder plugins.
This tutorial is based upon a few VSTis that are available for free, just to show that it is possible to make spacesynth music without buying expensive synths.
This tutorial introduces you to compose Spacesynth music with the help of example song which different voices are explained in more detail.