Tutorial 1: The Basics

A Step Into the Void by

This tutorial introduces you to compose Spacesynth music with the help of example song which different voices are explained in more detail.

The Song

We start with the basic parts of a spacesynth song called A Step Into the Void, the 16beat-bassline, arpeggio sequences and so on. The tutorial song can be downloaded in mp3- and midi-format here:


The sounds that have been used in the mp3-file above are explained below.

Bass sound

The bass sound is made with the Reaktor V3 VSTi by using this patch Reaktor_bass.zip. The used bassvoice in the mp3-files above is voice number 5 in the zip-file above.

Another bassvoice that is useful for music in this genre is the Kotobass. A version of that sound can be made with the free VSTi FreeAlpha. The following patch has been made by Marco Rochowski (FreeAlpha_bass.zip).

Sync lead

The sync lead sound can be made by using the Pro53 VSTi. A sync lead patch is provided with this tutorial.



The drumsounds are made by playing some Linn-samples with a softsampler. The Linn-samples can be downloaded freely from Internet along with other useful samples.

http://machines.hyperreal.org/manufacturers/Linn/LinnDrum/samples/ http://machines.hyperreal.org/manufacturers/

A free software sampler (that is if your sequencer is lacking a sampler) that can be used is the LoopAzoid VSTi which can be downloaded here http://www.nexoft.de/.

Other Voices

The rest of the voices (choir, strings, bells, brass, windsweep etc) are made on a standard synth, and we assume that those voices are quite easy to generate on any synth (it seems like the bass and drumvoices are the most discussed ones).



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