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Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking, Xain), was born in Ostersund, Sweden, 1974. He is a very talented and skillful musician working for Starbreeze company. Starbreeze is a game developer, known from "Enclave" game for Xbox console. He also creates great and innovative synthdance music, his tracks have appeared on Synthesizer Dance compilations from Hypersound Productions.

Music, has always fascinated him, like many others, but the first time he actually got involved with it with a passionate interest was when the first Soundtracker came for the Amiga, in the late 80's. It came on and off in waves, along with school, later on military service and studies. Later, he became very active in the Demo scene and he has composed hundreds of tunes. He was member (and in some cases still is) of a number of different demo groups, such as Alcatraz, The Silents, Razor 1911, The Black Lotus and Triton Productions.

1993 was a productive year, as both the Mindlitter Demo tape (made together with Mantronix), and the Physiology CD were released. Amateur work eventually evolved into professional. A slow process, as for many others. It has been a long way, and occasionally painfull, through hordes of canceled game projects, such as "Into the Shadows".

Currently, Gustaf works as in-house audio designer at Starbreeze Studios.

See also his project called Xain.


Gustaf Grefberg (2005-03-02)


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