The birth of this project was in the early 80's. Koto was at first an italian synth group, founded by Anfrando Maiola and Stefano Cundari and published by Memory Records, Italy. Together they have created some great tracks like: "Visitors", "Dragon's Legend" "Chinese Revenge" and "Jabdah".

In 1989, a German record label ZYX Music bought rights to all Memory Records catalogue, including the rights to "Koto" music and name. They have asked (well known from Laserdance project) Michiel van der Kuy to re-record and remix some of old Koto tracks. The result of this process was "Masterpieces" album. It contains remixed versions of Anfrando Maiola's tracks along with three new songs, entirely composed by Michiel van der Kuy. In 1990 Anfrando Maiola striked back with "Champion's Cue", but the single didn't gather much popularity.

Michiel van der Kuy has later recorded four Koto albums. All of them are classics now, well known to every fan of synthdance music. For many people he is the true Koto, but former Maiola's tracks were also great. Unfortunately, the legal rights to "Koto" name has been held by ZYX Music, which wasn't interested in another Koto album in old, synthdance style.

Lately, Anfrando Maiola has won back the rights to "Koto" name, but the music he produces now is far from synthdance genre, it's rather in techno and dance style. Michiel van der Kuy is also active, he now creates music under the name of "Rygar" and "Area 51".


Michiel van der Kuy (1999-05-22)

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