Laserdance is a dutch studio project of two producers: Michiel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet. In 1983 Laserdance published their first single, simply called "Lazerdance". It was a very succesful all over Europe. In 1987 Galaxis (a sub-label of ZYX Germany) published the first Laserdance album, entitled "Future Generation". The album was a big success selling approximately 150 000 copies and generated a lot of interest in synthdance music at those times.

Between 1987 and 1995, practically every year, a new CD from Laserdance was being published. Unfortunately, later albums were a little boring, because of repeating the same tunes and melodies again and again. Some of them, however, were very good and Laserdance had many fans up to 1995. In 1995, Erik van Vliet decided to follow the techno trend and included some techno tracks on "Guardian of Forever" album. Although the rest of the CD was filled with synthdance music, the reaction from fans was very cold. This led to stopping the activity of Laserdance for next five years.

With the 80's revival and italo comeback, Erik van Vliet decided to ressurect Laserdance project. While Michiel was busy as a producer of Alice Deejay and his own project Rygar, Erik searched for a new composer.

In 2000, Laserdance returned with new album, called "Strikes Back". It was released by ZYX Music Germany and categorized as "trance". The CD, however, contains only pure synthdance music composed by newcomer, Julius Wijnmaalen. His songs are good, but not up to the level of former Laserdance tracks. He also uses quite different synthesizers, so the album simply sounds different. We have to wait and see if there will be any new Laserdance albums in the future, because since 2000, nothing new hasn't been published under this project name.


Michiel van der Kuy (1999-05-22)
Rob van Eijk (2005-07-28)
Julius Wijnmaalen (2006-01-17)
Edwin van der Laag (2006-02-13)

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