Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 4" (2012) (MP3)

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This freely downloadable release is available on the label's website. Mastering by Damian Libinski.

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Various Artists

Release Title

Space Holidays Vol. 4


Space Sound Records

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Executive Producers

Marek Kolodynski


Spacesynth, Italo Disco

Tracks (30 tracks)

1.(listen)Rygar  Humanity 
2.(listen)Synthesis  Pirates of Space 
3.(listen)Trans X  Into The Lights (Marco Rochowski Remix) 
4.(listen)Mind Vision  Star Voyager 
5.(listen)TMGuy  Black Hole 
6.(listen)Bellatrix  Impulse 
7.(listen) Marco Rochowski  Cybernetic Avenger (Enhanced Mix) 
8.(listen)Galactic Warriors  Santa's Adventures 
9.(listen)Retronic Voice  Real People 
10.(listen)Synth Void  Another Dimension 
11.(listen)Mirko Hirsch  Take Me (Space Holidays Edit) 
12.(listen)Max Backes  Check Your Reality 
13.(listen)Alphawave  The Last Mission 
14.(listen)Lo-Fi Electronics  Horizons 
15.(listen)Vanello  Constellation Melody 
16.(listen)Galactic Warriors  Garden of Venus 
17.(listen)Rygar  Darkness 
18.(listen)Space Project   Photographic 
19.(listen)Galaxy Hunter  Another World 
20.(listen)Neuton Mouse  Earth & Universe (Remix on MyVoice) 
21.(listen)Elen Cora  Forgive Me 
22.(listen)Cyber Space  A World With Friends 
23.(listen)Discobonus  Gina 
24.(listen)Mauro and Riccardo Campa  Cyberzen 
25.(listen)Synthesis  Secret Energy 
26.(listen)Synthaurion  Endless Adventurer 
27.(listen)The Starforce  Race Against The Time 
28.(listen)Anosphere  Light of Anosphere 
29.(listen)Pixell  Stardust 
30.(listen)Space Storm  Triangular 
Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 4" (2012) (MP3) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 4" (2012, Space Sound Records) (MP3)