Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 6" (2014) (MP3)

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Various Artists

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Space Holidays Vol. 6


Space Sound Records

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Executive Producers

Marek Kolodynski


Spacesynth, Italo Disco

Tracks (25 tracks)

1.Bellatrix  Heaven is Here 
2.Parsec One  Escape to Catania (Vocoder Mix) 
3.Lapis Lazzuli  From The Beginning 
4.Dreamtime  Super Challenge 
5.Eric Destler feat. Franka  Run (Synthetic Dream Space Mix) 
6.Everdune  Joyful Journey 
7.Synth Void  Intergalatic Love 
8.Rygar  Megamix 
9.Cyber Space  Danger from Space 
10.Galactic Warriors  Star Breaker 
11.Hipersynth  Aeronautica 
12.Holomatrix  Bionic Life 
13.Alphawave  Mysterious World 
14.Retronic Voice  The Awakening - Winter Remix 
15.Max Backes  Powerful Player 
16.Synthesis  Unknown Destination 
17.Mind Vision  Megatrain (Koto Mix) 
18.Synthya  Halfway to The North Pole 
19.Neon Dance  Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 
20.Mirko Hirsh  SOS (Reloaded Demo Version) 
21.TM Guy  Silver Streak 
22.Anosphere  3040 - Story 
23.Neuton Mouse  Trip into The Future 
24.The Starforce  Riding for Love 
25.A.M. Samurai  Flying Between The Stars 
Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 6" (2014) (MP3) (Front Cover)

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Various Artists "Space Holidays Vol. 6" (2014, Space Sound Records) (MP3)