Spacesynth chat

Interested in chatting realtime? #Spacesynth chat on IRCnet has been active since early 2003. Some people visit the chat daily, some not so often. Nevertheless, it's a friendly place for spacesynth related discussions. Many wellknown spacesynth artists are visiting the chat so this is a good chance to have a little chat with them. Discussions are most active on evenings from 6 to 22 PM GMT. Note that not always discussions are going on, so just say 'hello' and most likely someone will reply.

See below for instructions how to join the chat channel.


mIRC can be downloaded at

mIRC server selection

Step 1

Once you have downloaded mIRC, you need to install it. Double-click the file you downloaded to run the install program. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program. After you open the mIRC program you should see the options box. If you do not see the options box, then choose Options from the File menu to bring it up.

In the options box, make sure you have "Connect - Server" highlighted on the lefthand side. Choose your network from the IRCServers drop-down box (IRCnet in our case). A drop-down box below will show various servers you can connect to, choose one. It's best to choose one which is near to you, i.e. if you live in Finland you are best with selecting the one shown in the picture. This needs to be done only the first time you start mIRC (or if the server you chose refuses to accept your connection).

mIRC user info

After that go to the "Connect" page. Type in whatever you wish as your full name, email address, IRC nickname and alternative nickname. Alternative nick name is nick name you'll be using if the first one is already used by someone else. There are quite a lot people online (not only on our #spacesynth channel), so choose name you think is unique to you - most common nick names are most definetly in use already. This way you don't have to change your nick everytime you want to chat with us.

When you're ready click the "Connect to IRC Server" button to connect.


Step 2

mIRC favourites

Read any messages that appear in the status window - these will include any connection problems and/or messages from the server. Now the mIRC Channels Folder should pop up if your connection was succefully done (it might take even over 30 seconds to connect depending on your firewall settings). The favourites folder shows a selection of the most popular IRC Channels available all over the world. You can ignore that window if you want. In the picture I've already deleted all those channels and added #spacesynth.

mIRC status window

In the status window type /join #spacesynth (later of you can add this channel to your favourite channels for automatic joining)

That's it!

The program may seem a bit difficult at first but in the end it's very easy to use and it sure is ten times better and more reliable than a webclient. Also mIRC has file transfer capabilities between people, which is very nice way to share files.


Step 3 (optional)

To add #spacesynth to the favourites folder click the favourites folder button in the toolbar. You should see the favourites folder view to edit the channels. Click add (or edit to edit existsing ones) to get the editing dialog. You can also set channel for automatic joining on connection.

mIRC favourites edit
mIRC open favourites

Other clients

There are also alternative ways to enter IRC networks. One of them is to use a webclient at Note that webclients are not always reliable and convenient for chatting. If you are using ICQ, MSN or other similar networks, a good solution is to get Trillian or Pidgin. They support IRC and have a nice interface with lots of features.

If you need to find working server, page will help you most definetly.