Dreamtime - Particles

2015-02-12 written by SS.Net Team

Dreamtime has released his third album called "Particles". The album is a digital release and it contains 8 tracks, some new and some previously released.

The album is available to download/donate: http://faroutmusic.bandcamp.com/album/particles

The trackless is as follows:

1.Phantasm 05:23
2.Cosmoride II 04:41
3.Typhoon 06:16
4.Guru Meditation 04:24
5.Magic Beat 06:08
6.Return to Macross 05:18
7.The Trial 05:54
8.Aurelia 07:50

Particles at Spacesynth.net discography: http://www.spacesynth.net/Artist/Dreamtime/Particles



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