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General Material Terms

The text, images, audio and logos identifying the SPACESYNTH.NET (alien head or text) are subject to copyright and may not be used without first getting explicit permission from SPACESYNTH.NET. Contact us using the feedback form.

However you may make digital or hard copies of the individual articles or pages that you are entitled to access for personal or classroom use, as long as the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and they bear the SPACESYNTH.NET copyright notice. You may assemble and distribute links that point to pages of SPACESYNTH.NET.

Please do not use robots or or intelligent agents: they degrade the performance of the system for everyone. Your usage of the service will be denied in discovering of systematic downloading.

Audio Material

Audio material not produced by or for SPACESYNTH.NET may not be used without explicit permission from the original author. Such content provided by SPACESYNTH.NET within the site is either provided as research quotes or with explicit permission only for SPACESYNTH.NET from the original author or provider.

Forum and Community Reviews

You may post material to Forum and other interactive areas (e.g. Community Reviews). SPACESYNTH.NET is not responsible of this content, however the content is subject to moderation which SPACESYNTH.NET team may do at their discretion.

Any abusive, harassing, insulting, threatening, or that could be deemed to be stalking; hateful, or racially offensive; vulgar, obscene, or sexually explicit (language or images); or that encourages or advocates illegal activity are subject to moderation, banning from the community and to turn over to law enforcement officials.

Read also the guidelines to reviewing to help you on writing your own reviews which will not violate the community terms and are written in "good manner".


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