Electron "Tides of Darkness"

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Review by Matek

Iím not going to write much about this Finnish outfit, as much is written about them on our site. However if you would like to know more please visit www.spacesynth.net/Artist/Electron

First Impression: Well its different. The cover suggests a small revolutionary approach to the theme, as instead of presenting the cosmos in the background (as weíre used to with other spacesynth artists) we have here a motif of a knight with a sword confronting a dragon taken from a fantasy theme. Some may associate this graphical motif with heavy metal music Smile. As well some of the titles suggest a different look at this music. But theyíre just small things, as the rest of the album here is a return to tradition. Such small things are inconsequential. You might say: itís not about the titles but rather the music.

Iím urged to mention that as previously Iíve written with the names of the tracks, the music is varied but unfortunatelly not very diverse. I wonít write about all the tracks but rather express my feelings to the album as a whole.

After listening to the whole album many times, what came to my attention is that the album molds without variety amongst tracks. Even though the album has different rhythm/ background and tempo, from a musical point of view itís poor.

There are no prominent solos, no original arrangements, everything is just proper and you can't say a bad word about it, but still it's just decent. Whatís interesting is, that the best tracks on the album are those with names that tie to the fantasy world i.e. Fight to Death, Tides of Darkness, Sleeping Lair, The Call of Wilderness, The Victory (with great guitar motives).

The rest of the tracks are average apart from maybe the known Lights of Stalingrad, also a clip on youtube (here also the title itself does not associate to space).

After listening several times, the album starts to become boring.

On the other hand, I donít want you to think that this is a bad album. Absolutely not! Apart from the points made above, itís still worthwhile to check out the album yourself.

In summary: Interesting assocations to fantasy motives, however a lack of variety from a musical and arrangement point of view.


3 / 5


Review by Jasmin

This is really great album! All tracks have fresh melodies, and although some are better than others I can't think of any track on this album that gets too stale.

In a nutshell I would describe style of this album as a progressive Hi-NRG spacesynth.

What I like most about the whole album is that virtually every track has multiple great melodies and/or parts. It doesn't abuse the standard formula where there is one great melody and musician tries to squeeze as much as possible out of it to the point of exhaustion. No, here you have abundance of great melodies and parts in interplay (in accordance with the track's main theme), so when you listen to the album again richness of the best tracks never seem to die out.

What I dislike about this album are just a few songs that don't have any significant "character" if you get what I mean. Those songs are there almost just to fill the album, but this "phenomenon" is present on the albums of all artists.

In the conclusion I would say this album contains a healthy dose of great tracks. While there are a some sub-par tracks (like in every artist's album out there) this album is very well balanced and is enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

If I would have to name a single track on this album that stands out it would be The Call Of Wilderness, it's a very powerful track that combines most (but still not all) of the great ideas found in the album into one song.


4 / 5