Hipnosis "Hypnosis"

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Review by Staffan Öhman

The album starts with Droid which is the very first spacesynth track that I've heard. When I bought the album I didn't knew that this track was a cover and therefore I expected to hear more tracks in that style on the album. Unfortunally the album was quite a disappointment for me. The album includes a few more covers and except for Droid I prefer the original versions of those tracks. The album was first released on vinyl and that release didn't include Droid and in my opinion that track is the only reason to buy this album.

The album doesn't include many good melodies and I get the impression that they didn't spent much time when they made the album. Probably this result was good enough in the middle of the 80's but nowadays we expect much more.

The tracks are lacking details and the few melodies are repeated over and over again. The drums are played in a quite trivial way and doesn't add much energy and variation to the songs. Except for Droid I get quite bored when I listen to these tracks.

The musicians behind the original Koto project are actually involved in this album but that is obviously not enough to make this album worth buying. I'm not surprised that this debute album didn't get any sequel.

I can not recommend this album unless there are some synth freaks that like to hear the sound of analog hardware synths.


2 / 5