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First of all, I would like to say that I'm not a musician. I do not even have a controller to play on it. But always I dreamed of doing exact covers of Laserdance songs.

This is my first attempt in recreating LD song. The Dead Star isn't my favourite song, but it's still the best on Technological Mind long-play. The Dead Star was chosen because I accidently found the chords for the brass part, trying and plucking some sounds in FL. This moment in time start a little avalanche. So here it is!

There are still some parts which I need to figure out how to play right or select better sound to be more accurate. So, this is an alpha stage of entire song. But the full "score" is recreated now + something funny (Poles will know) Wink

Plugins used:
1. Junn - as LinnDrum emulator.
2. TAL U_NO_62 - as Roland Juno 60 emulator.
3. All other sounds made by... Sytrus generator, with some tweaked default presets. It was a nightmare at noon.

Any thoughts are welcome. I don't know if anything will come out of this, but I would like to know: try it further or give myself the peace of mind. (File on back-stage of my website).
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pretty nice...good job
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