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sx001 wrote:
Binary Ghost wrote:

Why my comebacks are so dramatic, I will never know Very Happy

who cares! Unimportant just as your records.
But certainly you got egoboost.

I thought you were gone? You promised, rat and liar Mad

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Well, shall I repeat: You lie even about very simple things like when You posted CDs, and I am not the only one who knows thats exactly what You do -- lies --, as You lie in other music business areas as well when it comes to money counting.

Of course I go, but only BECOUSE
I have nothing in common with people who smile at each other BUT talk bad things behind others back,,, You have no integrity and have no sense of morale and honour. Everything is gray and You can justify all for Your own benefit.
None of You strives to honour, higher morale nor take responsibility. But if needed, You can go lower than ever by trying all dirty tricks in the book and trying to get away with it when being caught in the act... and others support it!

What beats me, is that ALL THIS is acceptable and considered normal behaviour in THIS community!
But... You cant even stand being pointed out that it is exactly who you are and what You do!

You have no honour!
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sx001 wrote:
Good Dance Recordings wrote:
+1 for the initiative , although i won't be joining. have fun guys!

then do not join!


thought i just said that? looooooool Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

reason why im not joining is because i'm a family person and i don't have much time to be around facebook discussing production stuff but it's good other people are exchanging tips and tricks therefore it's a great initiative and i hope everybody be friends while exchanging tips and tricks instead of all this rubbish you're posting. Laserdance this laserdance that... what a bore.
Moving on... Very Happy

anyways since you complain about so much , what about making more music and less chatter?
since you think you're better than everyone else and you know so much...
have fun
Very Happy
and bye bye , i'm not spending any more of my time with you.

There was a time when I thought you were just eccentric, but now I can see you are 100% bonkers. I suggest you go on and chase those pink unicorns of yours...

Very Happy he sure is , you be better off ignoring him believe me. Very Happy


Keep punching those Linns Very Happy

and speaking of linn's will listen to some proxyon Very Happy
these drums are so fun Very Happy
good day to you all! Very Happy
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Master Droid

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Oh dear....

TL;DR There's a Facebook group for people who make spacesynth music. Join it if you want to. Don't join it if you don't want to.
"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." ~ Groucho Marx
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I did ask for a request recently but seems i've been denied because i'm hated. Sad to know that but ah well it's good to know who hates me and who doesn't. Although i don't hate anyone lol .
Ah well , your loss anyways. Very Happy
See you all in ...
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