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maybe one day i make a nice track and get popular,but someone accuse me for ripping off other track of other artist.... just because there is small part in that track sound "striking resemblance" to my....

but how the hell do i know? i compose everything from A-Z naturally, i didn't copy any midi melody lines and rewrite anything, sure i listen alots of music, but all i take is just influence, and maybe just start with same scale, root key...

there are million form of melodies, million tracks, million composers...from the stone age to now....
so how the hell can i listen to all and know what to avoid to make something completely different?

Robert Miles - Children is super classic dance track, but is it really really original? no, my friend used to have faith, but then the more he into music,the more being a hardcore listener, he just lost! and like many many listeners, put too much expectation into their favourite artists!

i sure robert miles didn't aware such a matter like that! how the hell did he know? Sad

Pho,Banh mi,Ha Long Bay...

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musics music buddy. whether people copy or not in my opinion doesn't really matter , that's up to each one to decide.
thing is that a lot of music has been made and sometimes we accidentally come up with a riff that someone else did and the artist is not aware. i know this because it happened to me before for example making a song and after a while i find out another song that had a similar melody.
other times the melodic copy is done on purpose but like i said that's up to each artist to decide.
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And that story behind children's melody , i wouldn't be surprised if it's actually been taken off an obscure russian band because commercialism always gets stuff from ? Guess where from?
The underground.
Now if its a coincidence that the melody been ''stolen'' or not , there's no proof so i'd say make music , don't worry about this and let people believe on whatever they want to believe.
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