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Hello, cosmic people! Cool

I should tell about the big changes in the project Synth Dimension.

After many years (over 4 years), I do not want to cooperate with any small Independent labels. I'll do more and faster for the project. Independently. So I was forced to terminate the relationship with Avalanche Music (as previously with Alpha Centauri and Space Sound Records).

Therefore, the previous release of the album (Dreams Of Electronic Mind) was removed from iTunes.

Today, the album is again available. Now the album has 12 tracks. With new cover art and with new two tracks: "Way To New Start" and "8 Bit Voyager". Also was made ​​professional mastering in analog (all tracks was played from Merging Pyramix, using dCs AD/DA and custom made hi-end analog mixer).

Also, the release of new single "8 Bit Voyager (Energy Sound Version)" with more "power" and "dance" sound. And with cool cover art Wink

In the near future, I will tell you about new remixes (techno house and trance).

Also, I will decide about the vinyl-release... Maybe... Serious question...

P.S.: Cover Art:
1) Dreams Of Electronic Mind

2) 8 Bit Voyager (Energy Sound Version)
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Surely, many things worth news there... I moved this topic to "Spacesynth News Discussion" section. A bit late, but heck, it is summer holidays... Wink

And here is our article about the news:

Dreams of Electronic Mind at Discography

I've also added something new in the label- database: a short description of "self-published" release.

The description:

"Self-published album is publication generally done at the expense of the author without the involvement of an established third-party publisher."

I think it is one nice addition there, but if you have other opinion than me, you are free to state it.

P.S. To all: if you would like to have your news published here at in more "official way" (it should be!) we'd like to recommend you to send your news first to us, admins, please. Then the news might have more attention and it is done formally also in the forum as other news items here (in the name of the order, more objective and neutral way). The news doesn't have to be "earth shaking" big, there are not many things happening in the spacesynth world so many smaller events might be considered as news here too.
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