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Spiritdance1995 wrote:
Good Dance Recordings wrote:
exMachine wrote:
If you want to sound more spacey - you can cut the Kick and Snare samples from Laserdance - Fear Smile

now that is interesting exMachine! Maybe worth a try just for fun . Smile and look out for example that Proxyon linn snare. So heavy and very hard to replicate these days because of the equipment they had back in the days. It sounds really good with that reeverb they must have used! Smile

Don't forget the varying levels of static 'fuzziness' generated from the use of tape recorders in the 1980s, amplifying the vintage overtones of each individual track produced in the mix Smile

Yeah... very true! Recording things onto cassette do sound good and we know this because filipe has got one and he recorded some of his music onto cassette and it does gives a really nice warm sound/compression and some weird stuff but it sounds really good . Of course this if you record from Digital to --->Cassette tape. Smile
But that's not all.
The fact of being digital or analogue doesn't really matter. For us it's the music that matters. And if you are really creative and imaginative with what you have , then... you can do great things! Smile

Also If you sample them sounds as exMachine pointed you will might find a bit of difficulty for your sounds to be on same level as the drums because of the analogue feel , or maybe they will fit nice who knows? Long as one has fun anyways! Smile
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