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sx001 wrote:
KoolKool wrote:
yeah, the quality is quite dissapointed, sadly.....Sad

(my track supposed to be in, but i didn't understand marek's refusal,some tracks in this comp even more worse than mine,so how can marek let them in why not mine?)

So, there was some filtering at all! Very Happy I thought that EVERYONE was included who ever sent something, whatever if it was more than 10 years old already released tune. Very Happy
Do you really got refusal from directly Marek? Or actually it was someone else who did the filtering?

So, ... until next Crapmas or CrapXmas? Smile

i chat with him through facebook,because i really feel impatient wait waiting his mail his refusal is an poison arrow pierce through my heart!.......nah Exclamation

also he said he not accept other style, even spacesynth-ish style, and really? i have seen previous volumes included synthpop,ambient even techno,eurobeat??!!


Pho,Banh mi,Ha Long Bay...
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This I actually understand if he says that will limit to spacesynth becouse otherwise it will be really convoluted with trance/techno/dumbass/triphop to whatever. For other styles are other collections perhaps?

But it does not really matter, becouse it has been quite a royal pain to listen anyway the last 3..4 years even after these rigid filtering rules. It was quite a long time ago since I heard some decent spacesynth... But unfortunately there is not coming any new spacesynth without being too far away or "advanced" (as someone says it in order not to bother to learn music theory basics).

I have been sarcastic myself too about it -- if just to use junobass, ESQ bell and the same bassline pattern plus vocoders then everyone will say yes yes its very good whatever it is.

But try it? At one side its silly how low taste can be, on the other side there is still funny which keeps holding on it like some psychotic drug. However.. most of these cloning attempts are like bus accident in progress -- awful but also cant turn eyes off from it.

Until next Crapmas... Wink

To just say now, so you would not get impatient -- well, I get a listen Your tunes and get back after it.

If someone says its no good, You must live with it. There are much worse situations - fake "yes its good" saying.
More than 10 years ago in this forum we had saying that overly positive reviews is no help, and its no good to give 5/5 for each release. But nowadays all release reviews in are 5/5 without exception! When I said that Rygar Modulation album is crap and quite painstakingly described the flaws in detail (which were as suggestions) then that review got later deleted (by whom?). So, everything else which is below "excellent" is something what the forum moderators are afraid to publish, unless there is added "recommended!" at the end.

See Yourself the reviews. When was added the last critical review with 0..4 stars stars? And there was not marked "recommended" in this site? Smile
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No need to be so negative , at least SSR release is something new in the genre when it is sooo quiet anyway. Personally I think this release is not bad at all. Cheer up. Smile
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Well, thats my impression. Nothing wrong with expressing it.

Where You saw the critique towards SSR? It was only towards artists. I guess You cant read at all in that case.
SSR just provided publishing medium but artists had nothing to contribute.

But perhaps yes it will be silence... so, until next crapmas Wink
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[Retired Droid]

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Hey Aleks,

a question for you; do you know which 4 songs on this gift that are made by Marco Rochowski?
_________________ -
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Italopal wrote:
Hey Aleks,

a question for you; do you know which 4 songs on this gift that are made by Marco Rochowski?

yes, and so what? One of them is over 10 years old.
Whats Your point?
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[Retired Droid]

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You didn't answer the question.

Nevertheless, if MindXpander's triumphant return 2.0., Dreamtime's supreme bridge between spacesynth and New Wave, Retronic Voice's italo-top-10-ever contribution, 4 songs from the master of spacesynth and last but not least, SSR's free continuos impressive effort to keep the scene alive, makes your Christmas crappy, it means that you haven't changed one bit and that I don't see what you are doing here, but crap.
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...and neither You or someone else has changed if still being childish and no-one cant take critics without being offended.
So, if the chore of the praising sheeps is all what is tolerated (needed??) here then its a proof that in this site the integrity means nothing.

I thought that everyone has the right for his _own_ opinion and is free to say it out loud, right?
It is really in a past only when someone said that AREA51 release is a shocker. Now the reviews are "I liked the sleeve..." but leaves out the words "...its a crap" at the end.

You seem to be someone like who praises everything which is released by particular author. I am not this kind of listener.
I am picky listener, choose what I listen. Even if I say that the last Laserdance album is crap also as it was Rygar Modulation, then it is my opinion and I say it.

Also, this has NOTHING to do with SSR this time, as I do talk with Marek and discuss. In a peaceful manner and he knows already my opinion about the Laserdance latest release and I wrote some suggestions. Wink

By the way, EVERYONE remembers that "Discohunter 1987", but I am not re-listening the release as it is royal pain already to skip 20 other wannabe-laserdance clones.
I would point out the tunes which I like instead, not necessarily which are Your favourites.

In that SSR website player are some real good tunes! I like some tunes which are made by Mirko Hirsch (under his several other aliases). These are far better than christmas release.
Also Iike some Eddy Mi Ami productions as well.
Also, the brightest moments were Prometheus tunes and Dreamtime debut album and Anders last tune.

It was quite a long time since I heard some spacesynth which I really liked.
The last time it was 2 years ago when I found --- Rapture - Cassiopeia. But I found it thanks to Assembly 2015 and has nothing to do with SSR or . So, how the laserdance clone happened to be used as a jingle in a demoscene event is surprising, but it is IMO very good spacesynth tune. For a moment I suspected that Lauri was fooling around with folk under his new alias. Very Happy But no, its not Finnish.
And about retrowave I prefer to listen Compilerbau.

Only surprise is that You got so touchy Pål, was YOUR tune in that release too?! Very Happy
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FOr other genre:
I really like music by Pet Shop Boys, however it does not mean that I like EVERY tune absolutely,
so there are couple tunes which I do not listen. But they do make it with passion.

Out of genre example though. But just to make a point.

But about spacesynth the picture is different -- imagine a spacesynth listener who listens and loves EVERY spacesynth tune published ever via various sources and media, whereas it was a filler, someone not taking it seriously or constructed for profit. Hey, here are they. Very Happy The uncritical listeners who say "yes yes its great", AND also the producers who make release but do not put effort in it.
So, I really refuse to believe that Michiel listens himself the last release with proud and really likes it.
Also about the christmas release I think that the effort was not good enough _by artists_ who put the work into it.

Marek just provided the space for release and good for it. Yes, great. However this time the artists had nothing remarkable in my opinion. Polishing the over 10 year old tunes, adding album leftovers, clonework -- I think that they can better than that.
So, I refuse to believe that for this particular event all of these contributors put in extra effort. And so, everyone must say "great", "thanks"?... come on!
Also hundred "clonework in progress - tell me what you (like)think?" tunes are released every year and no need to concentrate these for a december.

Or otherwise I will come out with something whatever it is and EVERYONE MUST say "yes yes its great, the best one ever made" just becouse to keep alive the scene. Wink Very Happy
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And I liked the collection. More than the previous one.
Polar People–Wonderful Christmas Time , good, for Christmas
Bellatrix–Interstation , Waldemar , good work as always
MindXpander–Synchronicity , welcome back
Cyber Space–Journey Behind The Moon , Andreas, a good track
Rama–Driving In The Galaxy , excellent debut

and more...
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