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So anyone else seen the new Transformers movie now? I saw it today and probably have to go to see it second time to see all the action better!

I loved the movie, gotta say certain scenes almost put me crying. Few things could be better (some of the comical scenes were a bit out of board), but overall it's very good movie. And all the CGI is truly awesome looking (what can you expect from Industrial Light and Magic anyhow).

I'd say must to see movie if you like scifi, or Transformers at all.
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I just came from watching it.. I'm quite critical about movies and usually end up hating most of the action ones .. but I was absolutely gobsmacked by Transformers. I couldn't have ever imagined that they were able transform (I'm so funny aren't I) the animated series into a hollywood movie and still keep the vibe of the original. But they did it.

Agree with MV that it wouldn't have needed so many humour scenes. That little bastard decepticon started to annoy a bit for instance.

Anyways. They managed to get Optimus Prime look and sound as cool as in the 80s. I am absolutely thrilled.
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I've just seen die hard 4 and that wasnt too bad some good scenes, and the transformers trialer come on wow that looks so good, i'll have to see that when i comes out 27 of july...
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Perhaps we should start a thread where we will do some short reviews/recommendations of movies we've just seen or intend to see. What do you think, guys? Just renaming this thread would be just fine.
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Chris, you are welcome to start a new thread about movies.
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Yhh, yeah... No movie to recommend yet, though Razz
Perhaps I'm too much into absolute order sometimes Smile
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well, some day ago I visited cinema and for now have for now also seen this movie. And another one too, but about
that later.
It had promising beginning but that beginning was all actually.

The trialer about this film was misleading -- if you are willing to watch BECOUSE of this trialer of mars events then DONT visit the cinema! Forget the all thing.
But if you love just action and you are about Transformers cartoons then this film is for you. There were actually some series before that film? I am not aware about it and perhaps thats why I did not liked the movie. I thought that its the one of the big hardcore sci-fi and very less (or none at all) about big action.
That situation in the mars is just as short as you saw in the trialer and the rest of it is not so as expected.
The advertisement actually was something else than film itself. I hoped that if that Mars episode was brought to film then there is more about that. If there were shown actually more about it and I would have known more background about it then I havent visited cinema at all for this movie.

And I ended up quite critical and I wanted __almost__ to just get out from the half of the movie. But If I would have left after the situation when boy had bought the car, then I propably missed anything except the situation in president plane and where is the archeological cube and how those little-hazardous-things are created. Smile

It just seems that the film producers did not agreed or they fired one scenarist and hired another in the middle of the movie creation perhaps. Secon idea that they just got stuck with the fantasy.
The only character what I liked from this movie actually were those little-but-fast-and-hazardous creatures which had very big form shaping ability from home-stereo to cellphone and had certain voice. but why those other monsters did not had this big dynamic shape shifting ability? Some people were able to attack and just arest the
creature-with-shapeshifting-ability just using the _nett_ ?!?
Why those monsters were acting like elephants on porcelane shop in a backyard without any shapeshifting and packing? Lame. Or I dont know the actual background why they had limited shifting ability to change itself smaller
than usually.
The scenario itself IMHO was quite weak actually, and created by just one of the "hollywood presets":
to make just good teenager movie or simple action, add just much fighting between the god and bad and make some parts "scary", add the ending kiss and little romance, this will sell and just create subtitles and figure out some mission for the beginning "and if characters we cant create unique, then we will just humanize them".

well, better luck next time ?

Actually on the same day I watched 2 movies. First was the Transformers and second one was Die Hard 4. I guessed that which one to watch if I will watch second movie also. The second one actually I liked more -- Die Hard 4.
This time it is about cyberterrorism and not so much action but more size this time (which I like more).
The storyline itself is at the beginning quite complex (how entire USA infrastructure systems which control from traffic lights to government agency and TV are cracked and occupied) in some places and it also shows that if the chaos is created by terrorists then how just they can try to fix that chaos... which seems at first quite impossible to make attack with bare hands and with a computer freak who has also quite limited possibilities.
Characters are more different and can more memorize. Plus also more surprising moments:
(McClane daughter is taken to hostage. And terrorists leader is arguing with McClane and is trying... "but your daughter perhaps wants to tell you something", and moves the cellphone closer to McClane's daughter. Usually the next situation is anywere that classical desperate "please, dad, help me!!!" if the dad is cop, but not in this film. "Dad? There is only 4 of them for now." and leader realized that it was bad idea to give to the girl one opportunity to tell something to hers dad).

...and not so many almost classical moments in film history when it comes to "dealing personally".

detail issues: yes, mobile with satcom is true. just mobile phone can be programmed for anything if to know its architecture, but actually there are just few persons who know what for his phone can be programmed to make. You have to work for that cellphone company to re-flash the software in cell-phone. If it gets out then there is big trouble. The stuff what is about computers, well, with DUMBUSER computer perhaps its possible to make anything but not with
these computers which are belonging to dedicated crackers and hackers. Perhaps they tried to use that kind of
"normal humans just dont know" thing also with computers which they used with cellphones, but with cell phones
it was ok while its not ok with computers.
This computerbomb element was in film odd -- how workplaces with computers were made to explode (how could be just
possible to upload virus and to make explode some C4 ?) It requires atleast that all equipment is _given_ to the hacker, but so far as I know every one has its own custom set and knows very well if there is something to worry about.
(those episodes which show the hacker-cracker workplace is always made in films through the dumb-user view that there is in screen just some mumbo-jumbo (why not to show some fragments of real assembler (like in "Terminator") or C program code for some particular program? Becouse for computer illiterate it does not make difference anyway in this case also but for me its more funny to see that the world chaos is becouse of line drawing algorithm Very Happy (it was so in "Code Hunter")), and so it does not count as positive side.). (while in 80s films there was readable text instead of it)). Just that another hacker who has "standard setup" and webcam, is it really so that he is not able to keep control over the system itself? Thats also one flaw. Well, perhaps the film
was "designed" for those viewers who dont know s*it about computers.
Action parts were not so much long that they just will get boring (reference is Matrix III for action parts). But some
repeated and almost too classical situations.

rank... so so, but less than "Hudson Hawk" (which is my favourite movie so far).

Die Hard 4 this time I would suggest if there is possible to choice that which film to watch in cinema and these
2 are running what I saw.
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I think one needs to be somewhat familiar with Transformers universe to fully understand the movie. Yes, bots had limited shapeshifting ability - most of them can only exist in two forms. I thought the scene in the backyard was quite funny because of clumsy and massive robots trying to be quiet.

The ending kiss was of course done in tongue-in-cheek like most other similar scenes in the movie. For an action movie that is 2,5 hours long I think the script was pretty damn well written so I don't really agree with your thoughts about the script. IMO, it kept running forward like a train. The original series from the 80s is surprisingly close to the movie in feel.
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Master Droid

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Don't know what you mean with catching with "net". But I think you mean the bumblebee here, which is obivious as optimus says it there. Maybe you had paid more attention Wink I personally did not like the frenzy that much (that stereo/cellphone transformer). Too much Star Wars alike voice, etc. For the mars scenes - as the adverts say "their war, our world". not "their war, and mars". There's 102 paged prequel comic book which has a bit more info what happened before the movie. I bought it from Amazon.

That comic book is excellent quality. Every page is as good quality as some comics might have just their covers..

Luckily I can watch movies without starting to be too critical. Just brains off mode and enjoy the movie. Even if it was bad Steven Segal movie lol. I will see the Die Hard 4 sometime next week.
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was good...but i didnt like the ending very much
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